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Bridge to Bridge 5K Course

The 5K course will start and end at the same place that the half marathon does.  Both races start in front of the Topky Library and head West on Walnut Blvd.   At approximately 1/2 mile the half marathon runners will turn left on Union  followed by a left on West 7th St.

The 5K runners will continue on Walnut crossing Lake Road to Norwood Avenue to a turn around at the 1000 block.    They will continue back across Lake Road to Walnut then turn right on Walnut followed by a left on 7th.   Click on the map below to view the full 5K course.

B2B 5K Map

B2B Half Marathon Finisher Medals – REVEALED

The moment you’ve all been waiting for!

This medal was designed for us by an Ashtabula High School, 1996, graduate – full disclosure – he’s my brother. Thanks to Nick Puzo for the art and we hope you all enjoy the finished product.

This medal will be 3 inches in size and come with a custom neck ribbon displaying the race name and year. The medal base is silver with an antique finish and you can see the color portions below in the art proof! Don’t miss out on some great race bling! Register today!

Screen Shot 2014-09-04 at 10.25.06 AM Screen Shot 2014-09-04 at 10.26.10 AM


In the News

Keep your ears open Monday between 8 and 9 a.m. on 97.1 FM and Cougar 93.7. We’ll be talking up the Bridge 2 Bridge Half Marathon with Jeremy James. Don’t forget, Monday is the last chance to get early bird pricing on the race!

Sign up online at


ADR Picnic

ADR Orange shirt pride! Come hang out with these (and other) awesome, dedicated and supportive runners on Saturday!
ADR Orange shirt pride! Come hang out with these (and other) awesome, dedicated and supportive runners on Saturday!

Don’t forget about the Ashtabula Distance Runner’s club member picnic THIS WEEKEND (June 7) at Lakeshore Park in Ashtabula. It will be at 3 pm in the pavilion near the concession stand. This is a potluck event so bring your favorite food or snack to share. Drinks will be provided.

Please fill out the RSVP form below if you are coming or thinking of joining us. If you are not an ADR member, Saturday would be a great time to join up! We’ll have membership forms on hand. If there is enough interest we will also have a group run.


Looking forward to seeing everyone on Saturday! This year’s member gear will be on hand for distribution as well.

Stacy Stevenson

ADR Secretary

Summer Mileage Challenge

Need some motivation to get your mileage up.    Join our Summer Mileage Challenge. See who logs the most miles between June 1st and August 31st.


Runner June July August Total Behind
1. Erik van’t Veer 214.80 235.10  258.99 708.89  WINNER!
2. Daniel Loose 192.19 234.57   239.23 665.99 -42.90
3. Mary Beckwith 162.37 172.76 164.82 499.95 -208.94
4. Heather Harmon 146.60 180.00 140.15 466.75 -242.14
5. Bill Bodnar 93.42 132.26  125.56 351.24 -357.65
6. Drew Smith 105.18 79.68  118.76 303.62 -405.27

View Complete Standings Updated March 30, 12:00 pm

2014 ADR Membership Application

2014 ADR Application
(1) Click on 2014 ADR Application Link Above.
(2) Printout Membership Application
(3) Complete Form
(4) Include Payment
(5) Mail Form and Payment to Address on Application.

Age-Grading Explained

The ADR club is currently trying to determine the best and most appropriate way to incorporate Age Grading into our race results. But many runners raise the question; What is Age Grading?

Age grading is a method used to adjust an athlete’s performance based on age and gender. This allows for a direct comparison between performances at different ages or between genders. Age Grading Tables were originally developed by the World Association of Veteran Athletes, which is the world governing body for track and field, long distance running and race walking for veteran athletes.

The tables were first published in 1989 and they work by recording the world record performance for each age at each distance, for men and women. An individual’s age-graded “score” for a race is represented as a percentage of the World Record for that age and gender at that distance.


The performance levels are:

100% = World – Record Level over
90% = World Class over
80% = National Class over
70% = Regional Class over
60% = Local Class

As an example, the world record for a 53 year old woman running a 10k is 35:01 (wow is that fast). So if a 53 year old woman finishes a 10km in 45:18, she has an age-graded performance of 77.3% (which is 35:01 divided by 45:18).

The wide availability of age-grading tables has allowed older runners to compete on even terms with younger generations. In many running clubs today, the age-graded champion earns as much, if not more, recognition as the outright (non-age adjusted) winner of the event.

Thomas West

Shamrock Female Age Grading

Shamrock Male Age Grading