2017 Bridge 2 Bridge Half Marathon course route (map)

Here is the course route for the 2017 Bridge to Bridge Half Marathon!

The race begins at the Hubbard House driveway on Walnut Avenue by Walnut Beach, then head west on Walnut Boulevard, south on Union Avenue, east on 7th Street, north on Thayer, east on 5th Street, cross Lake Avenue to Bridge Street, east on Bridge Street to Columbus Avenue, west on West 23th St. (at traffic light), brief south to West 24th St. (Merry Street Hill), south on Lake Avenue, south on Main Avenue, east on West 46th St., south on Topper Avenue, east on 48th, south on Dwight Avenue Street, east on 51st St., through Kister property near intersection of Route 84 and 51st St., south on State Road to the Gulf Smolen Bridge and go left around cones at back. Then runners will reverse course and head back the same way to the Lift Bridge in the Harbor and turn into finish line at Morton Drive by Briquettes.2017_Bridge_To_Bridge_Half_Marathon

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