2015 Banquet Qualifiers and E-Vite


Many of you have completed at least six of our Ashtabula Distance Runners Grand Prix races this year and earned a free dinner at our annual banquet Saturday, January 9, 2016 at St. John High School. The event will start at 6 p.m. To RSVP, please click HERE for the online Event Registration. You can also purchase guest tickets at this link.

Please see below for a list of banquet qualifiers if you are unsure of whether you completed enough races this year. 

As stated, your dinner is free, but if you wish to bring a guest that has not qualified, they are welcome at a cost of $13 per person to cover the dinner. This year we are requiring pre-payment for guests, and RSVP for qualifiers (online by evite is fine) and need to have payment, or confirmation in hand by January 2, 2016 to guarantee a spot at the dinner.

We hope you can join us for an evening of fun and fellowship. There will be awards for overall and age group winners. Checks for guests should be made out to Ashtabula Distance Runners. Again the deadline for confirmation of on line registration or by mail with guest is January 2, 2016. The dinner will also serve as the club’s annual business meeting and is open to members (paying full cost).

If you have any questions, please call Warren Dillaway at 440-812-5392

If you would like to MAIL in your RSVP, please use this downloadabe 2016 ADR Dinner form  and send to

ADR: PO Box 43, Ashtabula Ohio, 44005

Happy running,

The ADR Board



1         Adam Sikora

2         Aiden Davison

3         Amy Kleps

4         Annie Emery

5         Bethany Haytcher

6         Bill Tobias

7         Bobby Nelson

8         Brenda Long

9         Bruce Haytcher

10       Bryon Perry

11       Cathy Prine

12       ChrissyTobias

13       Christy Tobias

14       Cynthia Decola

15       Dan Loose

16       David Tidd

17       Dawn Cragon

18       Debbie Balch

19       Dina van’tVeer

20       Don Gill

21       Doug Kennedy

22       Erik van’t Veer

23       Erik Wilpula

24       Evan Howe

25       Garrett Spring

26       Gary Soukup

27       George Balch

28       Hannah McSkimming

29       J.P. Ducro

30       Jack Sargent

31       Jacklyn Krysa

32       Jamie Kennedy

33       Jay Janek

34       Jamie Wilber

35       Jeff Davison

36       Jennifer Kenny

37       Jesse Sharp

38       Jim Timonere

39       John Hutchison

40       John E. McNutt

41       John L. McNutt

42       Jon Decker

43       Joshua Tracy

44       Julie Swiger

45       Juliene Bernard

46       Kathleen Pierce

47       Lisa Haytcher

48       Luke Stecki

49       Lynn West

50       Mark Osburn

51       Mary Ann Pollock

52       Meagen Howe

53       Michael Anderson

54       Michael Cecil

55       Michele Nelson

56       Michelle Tisdale

57       Nan Adams

58       Natalie Breedlove

59       Pat Douglass

60       Patty Warner

61       Pete Wiencek

62       Ron Cramer

63       Scott Clark

64       Sharee Wilpula

65       Sharon Nelson

66       Sonya Sprinkle

67       Teddy Milbrandt

68       Terry Putt

69       Thomas West

70       Thomas West Jr

71       Tim Kennedy

72       Tim Watts

73       Tina Davison

74       Tina Tapia

75       Tom McSkimming

76       Tracy West

77       Vernon Palo

78       Vivian Plats

79       Warren Dillaway

80       Wendy Hogan

81       John Diaz

82       Bill Nevison

83       Diedre Fleming

84       Heather Harmon

85       Jessica Sprinkle

86       Kristen van’t Veer

87       Kyle Flowers

88       Rachael Stewart

89       Gary Cox

90       Donna DeGeorge

91       Stacy Stevenson

92       Mary Beckwith

93       Stephanie Corlew

94       Erin Tennant

95       Tonya Miller

96       Virginia March

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