Age-Grading Explained

The ADR club is currently trying to determine the best and most appropriate way to incorporate Age Grading into our race results. But many runners raise the question; What is Age Grading?

Age grading is a method used to adjust an athlete’s performance based on age and gender. This allows for a direct comparison between performances at different ages or between genders. Age Grading Tables were originally developed by the World Association of Veteran Athletes, which is the world governing body for track and field, long distance running and race walking for veteran athletes.

The tables were first published in 1989 and they work by recording the world record performance for each age at each distance, for men and women. An individual’s age-graded “score” for a race is represented as a percentage of the World Record for that age and gender at that distance.


The performance levels are:

100% = World – Record Level over
90% = World Class over
80% = National Class over
70% = Regional Class over
60% = Local Class

As an example, the world record for a 53 year old woman running a 10k is 35:01 (wow is that fast). So if a 53 year old woman finishes a 10km in 45:18, she has an age-graded performance of 77.3% (which is 35:01 divided by 45:18).

The wide availability of age-grading tables has allowed older runners to compete on even terms with younger generations. In many running clubs today, the age-graded champion earns as much, if not more, recognition as the outright (non-age adjusted) winner of the event.

Thomas West

Shamrock Female Age Grading

Shamrock Male Age Grading

Grand Prix Corner

The 2013 Grand Prix was our most successful year on record with over 2900 entrants in 29 different races averaging of over 100 runners per event. Our Grand Prix has grown considerably over the years since the inaugural season in 1992 when only five (5) races were on the schedule.

We look forward to the 2014 Grand Prix with much anticipation as it will include some new events and over thirty (30) races. The 2014 Race Schedule has been posted on this website. As in the past, we will keep the website updated with race results throughout the year. Please note our old web address is being phased out and traffic will be directed to this website.

Runners can expect to see some new race distances as well. The biggest news is with the Bridge2Bridge race, as this year it will feature a Half Marathon along with the usual 5k race. A couple of 10k races have been added as well for all you runners that have asked for longer distance races in the Grand Prix.

Happy racing and long may you run.

Dan Loose

Grand Prix Director

Running Gear Update


Running Gear Update


Hello ADR, running gear is the subject here. We are in the middle of a tough winter running season, and we have been fighting poor traction outside. I know some people move running indoors right about now, but for those of us maniacs still hitting the streets, here is a great piece of gear that helps the traction issue.

yaxtraxIt was suggested to me that I try Yaktrax a couple of weeks ago, so I asked Santa. Santa came through on Christmas morning. And it didn’t take long for enough snow to give them a “test run”. So I can recommend that anyone who is tired of slipping and sliding to get a pair of Yaktrax.

They are very light and easy to slip on over regular run-ning shoes. I have used them on loose and hard packed snow, on a snow covered muddy trail and snow over icy roads. I am happy to say I have not slipped once and no sore hips from trying to stay upright on the slippery stuff.

If Santa didn’t bring you any, plan on around $30.00. But be aware they offer 4 choices of Yaktrax, I have the “Pro” model and would say it is the best choice. The coiled wire criss crosses under your entire foot, not just the heel like the “Run” model. All the running stores carry them and can be found online too.

See you on the roads.

Erik van’t Veer